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hybrid architecture

Lotus Communities designs hybrid buildings for vibrant, sustainable mixed-use centers using advanced wood framing.  Street level commercial spaces animate walkable streets. Residences above create an exciting 24-hour live, work, play community. Our buildings beautifully blend with their community through exceptional design. To learn more, simply browse through our site. NMSDC certification pending. Visit our blog:

Hybrid Building Designs

Building Data:


* Street level commercial space with four townhouses

* 9,300 Heated SF

* 40’ X80’ overall dimensions

* 39’ high

* Advanced Wood Framing

* Provide surface parking behind the building with spaces reserved for residents.

* Plan modifications available. Price quoted per request.


1ST floor:

Flexible retail, office, or food hall space

3100 Heated SF

12’ Ceiling


2ND Floor:

Townhouse living level

3100 Heated SF Total

9’ Ceiling


3RD Floor:

Townhouse sleeping level

3100 SF Total

9’ Ceiling



2 Bedrooms

2 full baths

1 half bath

1410 Heated SF each

Hybrid Architecture Blueprints:


* Number of sheets: 15  

* Sheet size: 24” x 36”  

* 60% price reduction for each additional re-build on a single site at time of purchase.  

* Architectural sealing available in Georgia only for an additional fee.  

* Set is architectural only and does not include engineering:  

    Civil, Structural, Mechanical Electrical, Plumbing, COMCheck, etc. 

Suggested Sustainable Features

* WaterSense plumbing fixtures

* Drain line heat exchanger at water heater supply

* Sustainable materials

* Advanced wood framing w/ spray insulation

* Recycling center

* White TPO roof

* Energy Star equipment

* Demand Response equipment

* Solar Photovoltaics

* Solar charged battery for hard wired lighting, ERV, and refrigerator

* Passivhaus building envelope

* Whole building ERV or HRV w/ solar pre-heat

* Ground source heat pump for HVAC and hot water


Cost per tube. Prices vary based on number of sets ordered.


U. S. Shipping

U.S. Regular      $25    14-16 days

U.S. Priority       $40    10-12 days

U.S. Express      $55    7-8 days

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